Yhdessä tekemisen iloa jo vuodesta 1994

YHdessä se on vieläkin hauskempaa

Summary In English

The Tiffans Club was founded in 1994.


Members make glass works using many different techniques, such as tiffany, stained glass (using lead came) fusing, sandblasting, engraving and mosaic.All the artworks in the Picture gallery ( KUVAGALLERIA) are made by our members, using these various techniques.


In January 2023 our club had around 100 members, and we have a public exhibition of our works almost each year. Most of us are not doing these works for a living, just for fun.


If you are interested in joining us, or if you want to have more information from us, please contact our English member: Lynda Addison, mobile phone +358(0)40 5143042